Posted: 13/01/2011 in articles

Officials say at least 23 people have died since nationwide unrest began last month over rising food and fuel prices, high unemployment and corruption. Human rights and trade union activists believe the number of dead to be at least 60.

Troops patrol Tunisian capital (News24)

A communique by the Workers’ Communist Party of Tunisia

“The leader of the Workers’ Communist Party of Tunisia, Hamma Hammami was abducted on the 12th of January after he had issued a call to the people and the democratic forces to “unite for a common alternative to the tyrannical system,” calling for “the departure of Ben Ali and the dissolution of present institutions and the formation of an interim national government that undertakes the task of organising and supervising free and fair elections which leads to a constituent assembly that draws a new constitution for the country. This would lay the foundations of the new and real Democratic Republic that guarantees people’s sovereignty, freedom, democracy and respect for human rights as well as equality, dignity, and the implementation of national and popular economic and social policies which provides employment and the foundations of a decent life for our sons and daughters and eliminate corruption, cronyism and regional discrimination.”

[Translated from Arabic by Tunisia Solidarity Campaign]

  1. richardjonescwu says:

    Revolution in Tunisia Revolution in the Middle East, justice, freedom, dignity and equality for the people, I send a message of support and Solidarity, the international community must take note and stand up in support of the Tunisian Revolution.

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