UGTT Bizerte Statement

Posted: 27/01/2011 in trade unions

The UGTT ( Bizerte ) pays tribute to the martyrs of the tremendous people’s revolution and in the wake of the social, political and security situation and the resulting radical and historical changes in the life of our beloved country and our struggling people, we demand:

1) the dissolution of the ruling party cells in work places and the nationalization of the assets of its ruling party and holding accountable those involved in corruption.

2)A constituent assembly to draft a new constitution that involve the UGTT, and whose members are from the civil society who have not been involved with the former regime.

3) A national coalition government that represents all groups and organisations in society in which the UGTT does not take part in it.

4) A general amnesty.

5) The immediate formation of the following committees:

– An investigative Committee to prosecute those who have been proven guilty directly or indirectly in the killing of people through the use of live ammunition or through giving the order to do so.

– A Committee to track those involved in corruption and have abused public money and those who have used all forms of corruption regardless of their stature.

– These committees consist of independent individuals and jurists to be agreed upon after consultation with civil society groups and organisations.

We refuse the attempt of the imperial powers to encroach on the revolution.

We call for: the need to preserve public and private property and the free and peaceful way of expression and we call business owners and retail stores to return to economic activity and to open their shops and meet the needs of the citizens in order to minimise some acts of looting and robbery carried out by unknown groups.

The formation of committees for the protection of the headquarters of the UGTT, public property, work places as well as families, citizens and the general public from all types of robbery and assault.

For the Executive Office of UGTT (Bizerte)
General Secretary Abdul Karim Al-Khalki

January 15, 2011

[Translated from Arabic by Fathi Ouerda and Nadim Mahjoub]


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