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Eyewitness Tunisia

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Eyewitness Tunisia – Labour Briefing May 2011


Tunisia Solidarity Campaign will be joining the 26 of March rally and march in London. Meeting point: 11:00 am Victoria Embankment central London.

See you there!

Gafsa, Tunisia

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Revolt lingers in central Tunisia

Tunisia update

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07 March 2011 reported that the interim government led by Foued Almobaza and Al-Baji Qaid Essebssi formed a new government. The 22 ministers of the new government are all technorats and none of those who worked with Ben Ali or after his downfall.

The ministry of Interior announced the dissolution of the State Security apparatus, known in Tunisia as the political police.

On the 4 March the interim president had announced the organistion of election for a national constituent assembly on 24 July of this year.

Event in London

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Making another world possible – 05 March 2011

Tunisia update

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 Tunis 20 February: tens of thousands march to topple the interim government and reoccupy the Government Square in Al-Qasbah. A sit-in began and the army is present and is spending the night with the protesters.

Tunis 19 February 2011: a march for secularism organised by democratic forces and individuals who are for the separation between the state and religion. It came as a response to some Islamists who went out a few days ago chanting for an Islamic state and the harrassments against women who do not wear the veil.

19 February 2011: Unknown forces close a brothel in Tunis…

17 February 2011: a march in Jendouba (large city in northwestern Tunisia): “the people want to overthrow the government”