23 January 2011

Egypt’s frustrated young wait for their lives to begin, and dream of revolution

December 2010
Dissent’s qualitative shift?

12 May 2010

Egyptian Workers Demand a Living Wage

09 May 2007

Strikes in Egypt Spread from Centre of Gravity

30 March 2007

Popular Social Movements and the Future of Egyptian Politics.
“Since 1952”, writes Joel Beinin, Director of Middle East Studies
and professor of history at the American University in Cairo,
“no Egyptian head of state has been targeted directly in this manner.
A taboo has been broken, and there is no telling where these popular
movements may lead.” From Cairo Joel Beinin joins Middle East Panorama
to speak about the recent wave of strikes in Egypt. Interview conducted
live from Egypt By Nadim Mahjoub, Resonance FM Radio, London 30 March

25 March 2007

Egyptian Textile Workers Confront the New Economic Order



The Struggle for Workers’ Rights in Egypt

September 2004

Political Islam and New Global Economy


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