Solidarity Messages

Model Motion for trades unions on Tunisia

This is a model motion for use in local unions. Supporters should amend the terms to suit their needs. The motion has been drawn up by Peter Ainsley, Publicity Officer, Camden UNISON and Stephen Bell, Head of Policy, CWU.

This branch applauds the bravery of the Tunisian people whose street protests forced the then Tunisian President Zein al-Abidine Ben Ali out of office on 14 January 2011. His 23 years of authoritarian rule were characterized by the brutal suppression of opposition parties and free speech and by extreme corruption, particularly that involving the Trabelsi family. It records its sorrow at the many deaths of protestors.

It agrees that the Tunisian people should be supported in demanding free and fair elections in which all members of society can participate equally; the establishment of free speech and a free media (press, tv, internet etc), respect for human rights; an end to corruption with those involved being brought to justice and monies corruptly gained being returned; an end to mass unemployment; an end to food and the basics of life being treated as commodities for speculation and the provision of food at reasonable prices so people do not go hungry, democratic control of the police and army.

It notes that the TUC has written to the Tunisian Ambassador in London, calling on the Tunisian government ‘to end the violent repression of demonstrators by the Tunisian security forces, bring those responsible to justice, and tackle Tunisia’s serious unemployment crisis and regional inequalities’.

It agrees to send a message of support to the Union Générale Tunisienne du Travail (General Union of Tunisian workers (UGTT)).

It agrees to send this motion to the appropriate bodies and officers at regional and national level and ask them to also send messages of support.

It notes that a Tunisian Solidarity Committee is being established and in principle agrees to support such an organisation and send its support. It agrees to ask for a speaker to a future meeting.

Drafted by Peter Ainsley, Publicity Officer, Camden UNISON and Stephen Bell, Head of Policy, CWU.

  1. salala says:

    Solidarity with the struggle of the Tunisians!

    The risks and so on associated with continuing the uprising are obviously huge, and yet it continues. Good luck, and I hope no politicians co-opt your struggle and it doesn’t get derailed by parliamentary politics.

    In Solidarity,

  2. Grant McKendrick says:

    Good luck!

    Solidarity from Edinburgh, Scotland.

    Pour les libertés d’expression, d’organisation, de manifestation et de grève !

  3. Alan McMahon says:

    Ceci peut etre un moment historique, non seulement pour le monde Arab, mais en consequence pour le monde occidental. Une sacre responsabilite reste sur les epaules du peuple Tunisien. Tenez le coup; faites une nouvelle Tunisie fonde sur les principes sociaux, egales et democratiqes. Surtout, mefiez-vous de l’ouest.

  4. Anne Gilles says:

    I’m sad that it took a young man to burn himself to death for the Tunisians to enact their collective consciousness, that and WikiLeaks.

    Solitaridy Tunisia from Australia! Good Luck.

  5. Virginia López Calvo says:

    Congratulations on the most successful national popular revolt I have witnessed in my life-time. Tunisians have given the world hope that grassroots’ actions can succeed.

    Solidarity and congratulations from Spain.

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  7. says:

    thanks fellow unionists everywhere for your support…our struggle still goes on…there have been marches and demonstrations everywhere during the last few days and tomorrow will be a great day…with sittings and manifestations…for we want a better future for the next generation

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