Purpose and Objectives of the Tunisian Solidarity Campaign – UK 

Who are we?
 TSC is an independent, non-governmental and non-party political organisation with members from many communities across Britain. TSC represents people in Britain from all nationalities and political parties, who have come together to work for peace and justice for the Tunisian people.


Who do we work with?

TSC works with trade unions, students, other solidarity groups, faith groups, and many other campaigning, cultural and political organisations in Britain and worldwide.

TSC aims:

Our aim is to support the brave people of Tunisia whose street protests forced Tunisian President Zein al-Abidine Ben Ali out of office on 14 January 2011. His 23 years of authoritarian rule were characterized by the brutal suppression of opposition parties and free speech and by extreme corruption, particularly that involving the Trabelsi family.

We support the Tunisians in their struggle for freedom, democracy and social justice. Specifically, we believe the Tunisian people should be supported in their demands for:

  1. An immediate end to the use of force by Tunisian security apparatuses to suppress protests and other forms of non-violent activism on the part of all elements of Tunisian civil society
  2. The enforcement of democratic control of the police, security forces and army.
  3. The release of all political prisoners and an amnesty for opposition members living in exile.
  4. Constitutional and judicial reform to allow for: the establishment of free and fair elections in which all members of society can participate equally; the repeal of all restrictions on civil liberties, free expression, organisation and assembly; the establishment of independent trade unions; and the enforcement of respect for human rights.
  5. An end to corruption, with those involved being brought to justice and monies corruptly gained being returned.
  6. A complete break with the neo-liberal economic policies of the past that were in large part responsible for the factors that led to the Tunisian intifada, including: economic stratification, high levels of unemployment, inadequate employment opportunities and inflation.
  7. Opposition to any foreign state or imperialist intervention believing that this will only oppose the will of the people, maintain the status quo and thus abort any real change in the country.
  8. Attention to be drawn to the role that is played by Western governments, companies and international institutions in supporting the Tunisian regime, plundering the country and exploiting the majority of the people.

Tunisia Solidarity Campaign

03 January 2011 (Amended on 22 January 2011 meeting)

Tel: +44 (0) 7552450082

Email: tunisia.solidarity@gmail.com

  1. John McDonnell MP says:

    The attacks on peaceful demonstrators are acts of criminal butchery by the state. You have my support in exposing these attrocities and demanding change. Solidarity

  2. rajendra pudasaini says:

    “We, Nepalese Democratic Forum UK, stand in solidarity with our Tunisian comrades in their call for an end to corrupt government, and the establishment of Peace, justice, and democracy.”
    Rajendra Pudasaini,
    London UK

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